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GMP Farms is a certified organic grower with NASAA Certified Organic (NCO). NCO provides certification services to operators within Australia and internationally.  As a certified organic grower, our farming enterprise is inspected and audited annually to verify conformity with the sustainable organic agricultural principles as described in the NASAA ORGANIC & BIODYNAMIC STANDARD and its amendments from time to time.


Certification with NCO verifies GMP Farms operates a total quality management system developed for organic production and allows our farming enterprise to advertise and label our produce as meeting the NASAA ORGANIC & BIODYNAMIC STANDARD, with the use of the NASAA label along with our grower registration number.  The NASAA Label accurately indicates throughout the market chain, including the consumer, that the produce so labeled has been produced in accordance with the NASAA ORGANIC & BIODYNAMIC STANDARD.  The name NASAA and the NASAA Label are protected by law. NASAA actively pursues all false claims of certification whether printed or verbal and will take legal action if necessary to protect its label.

Organic agriculture is a holistic system built upon natural ecological processes. It values the welfare of both the producer and the consumer of organic food and fibre products, and is committed to conserving natural resources for the benefit of all future generations. Healthy soil is the prerequisite for healthy plants, animals and products. The maintenance of soil health by ecologically sound means is at the heart of organic production systems.

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