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Seasonal Availability of GMP Farms Produce


Avocado growing is suited to the more tropical areas in the north of our country where humidity works in favour of sustaining the tree and its ability to hold onto its fruit.  In our region of Sunraysia, in the far north of the southern state of Victoria, the climate is typically dry and semi arid. Careful attention to creating the ideal micro climate for avocado production is consequently critical for successful avocado farming in this region.

Following on from early maturing avocados in our country’s northern states, we can commence harvesting our Hass avocado as early as July, through Spring, finishing by Christmas, while our late variety, Ryan, is available from October, into the new year. Read more about our avocados ...


Our Lisbon lemons produce one major crop per year with harvest through the winter months, June to August. Depending on the severity of frosts and the impact of these on fruit set, the trees may also produce small harvestable quantities of fruit over the remainder of the year. Read more about our lemons...


Our pineapple quince are well suited to growing in Colignan. They cope very well in our heavier soils and the hot dry climate keeps the skin in very good condition. The typical yellow skin colour of quince is slow to develop in our warm weather with the fruit looking more like oversized tennis balls for most of the season.  We harvest our Pineapple Quince from FebruaryRead more about our quince...

Seasonal Availability

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